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Actualizado: 10 de jul de 2020

Selección de las mejores entrevistas que se han hecho durante este mes relacionadas con el propósito en las organizaciones.

  • Chang Xu (Afdhel Aziz): principal at Upfront Ventures, that tries to change the world supporting companies that are able to leader that change.

  • Diana O’Brien (Afdhel Aziz): CMO of Deloitte. They talk about how Deloitte trains its employees to show them how to make decisions helped by the purpose of the company.

  • Mike Brady (Afdhel Aziz): CEO of Greyston, a baking company. The purpose of the company is to ‘create thriving communities through the practice and promotion of Open Hiring’, based on a radical inclusion.

  • Duke Stump (Afdhel Aziz): CMO of Lime, the scooter company. They present their new platform for the development of their purpose.

  • Jeffrey Hollender (Jeff Fromm): cofounder of Seventh Generation, they talk about how mature brands can redefine their purpose and, so, themselves.

  • Dave Heath and Randy Goldberg (Jeff Fromm): they are the founders of Bombas’, a sock maker company that donates one sock to homeless people for each sock that is sold.

  • Hoyt Jones (Simon Mainwaring): president of Jersey Mike’s (a subs maker company). The purpose of the company is to return benefits to the communities where they operate. In the interview they talk about the systems of the company.

  • Helena Helmersson (The DO School): COO at H&M. They talk about how the organizational purpose is a guide in how to offer customers the products and how to design.


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