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Actualizado: 10 de jul de 2020

Selección de los mejores artículos descriptivos sobre propósito de este mes:

  • Purpose Beyond Profit: What Culture-Driven Leaders Know That Everyone Else Is Missing (Bretton Putter, Forbes): beyond profit, the author presents four reasons for developing a purpose-based company: fostering meaning in the work, the positive impact on society, a personal contribution to the aspirational narratives and (surprisingly) to follow the fashion. It also presents research, but only one is academic.

  • Companies Don’t Always Need a Purpose Beyond Profit (Freek Vermeulen, HBR): the author states that organizations shouldn’t be shy about stating profit as its explicit and ultimate purpose as profit may be the best way to do good in the world and cover different needs of the society.

  • The Purpose Profit Connection (and Why Most Companies Get It Wrong) (Lisa McLeod, McLeod & More). About the importance of achieving both clarity and engagement with the purpose. Also, she talks about the mind and heart of employees and their relation with purpose.

  • The Role of Tools in Purpose Training (Simon Mainwaring). This author, relevant in the Purpose topic, describe four tools that he has found as useful for communicating purpose to employees: handbooks and advocacy toolkits, manifesto films and video content, experiences and, lastly, e-learning.

  • Why Finding Purpose 'Feels' Right (Daniel Goleman, KornFerry). Both inspiration and motivation are levers for igniting purpose because they refer to our brain´s seeking system (a series of neural pathways that encourage us to explore and learn) that brings purpose to our life.

  • Like Honey to a Bee – Why Do Millennials Like Purpose Driven Companies (Jeff Butler). By 2025, millennials will make the 75% of global workforce, so, how to attract them? They are more concerned about the ‘why’ than the ‘how much’. They want to be contributors, not employees. They look for personal satisfaction, not task accomplish-ment. They love social companies. And they look for purpose at work.

  • 5 Tips for Aligning Your Work with Your Purpose from an Influencer, Activist and Author (Meimei Fox, Forbes). She presents Erica Williams Simon´s book "You Deserve the Truth" where she gives 5 tips for aligning career and purpose: Be a way finder; Don’t try to fit it all in one box; Remember that purpose isn’t a destination but a daily expression of your highest self; Focus on others; Be story smart.


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